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University Direct Deposit Account Credentials Targeted by Phishing Emails

In at least three separate incidents in 2014, malicious actors sent phishing emails with malicious links to University employees; employees who clicked on the link were taken to fraudulent websites that collected single sign-on credentials, which were used to modify the employee’s direct deposit account information. By changing this information, the malicious actors rerouted the…Continue Reading

Tech Support Call Scam Leads to Malware & Financial Loss

Tech Support Call Scam Leads to Malware & Financial Loss The Risk:  Malicious actors use call centers to cold call victims in an attempt to gain access to the victim’s computer, install malware, steal personally identifiable information (PII), and receive monetary gain. The Threat: A malicious actor, claiming to work for a well-known software, technology,…Continue Reading

Security breach at EDUCAUSE

Many of you received a message this afternoon from EDUCAUSE detailing a server breach that may have exposed your EDUCAUSE website profile password.  This message originally triggered many phishing email scam filters but, unfortunately, this message is accurate and the incident occurred as described. Please follow the instructions provided in that email to reclaim access…Continue Reading

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