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W-2 Scam Notice

It’s that time of the year again. With tax season upon us, attackers are stepping up their efforts to steal your data.  The IRS is reporting an increase in scam emails regarding W-2 information. IRS Scam Notice Let’s take some time to review safe email practices. Always be skeptical – an email “From” address can… Continue Reading

WebEx Extension RCE

A vulnerability has been made public that could allow an an attacker to remotely execute code on a victim’s computer using the WebEx browser plugin. The vulnerability can be exploited by visiting a specially crafted website. WebEx has released an update to address this vulnerability.  Make sure all web browsers are plugins are up to date… Continue Reading

New Type of Phishing Attack

It’s 2017 and email phishing is not new, however, there is a new technique attackers are using specifically against Gmail accounts. Malicious email messages appear to contain an attachment, but clicking the attachment will open a new browser tab that appears to be a login screen. This form will capture account credentials and send them to the attacker. To… Continue Reading

Cyber Security Workshop II

The second cyber security seminar will be held in Green Hall room 14 at 10AM on 10/26/2016. NCSAM is coming to a close, so all annual security awareness training must be completed by the end of the month. Continue Reading

Cyber Security Workshop

This first cyber security seminar will be held in the Education Building room 200 at 10AM on 10/12/2016. Feel free to participate even if you did not preregister. Continue Reading

Security Awareness Training 2016

TCNJ’s annual IT Security Awareness Training is now active. Each year all employees must complete Security Awareness Training. This year employees are only required to complete 1 of the training modules. Additional information and instructions for completing the training can be found at Continue Reading

Another Payroll Phish

This is another payroll phishing attack Subject: E-Notification of Your Payroll 2016 Dear Member, You have 1 new notification regarding your payroll 2016. Click Here To Renew Regards, IT Help Desk © 2016 The College of New Jersey Continue Reading

Payroll Phish

Please be aware that TCNJ was recently targeted in a payroll phishing attack.  If you received an email similar to the one bellow please ignore the message and do not click any of the links.  If you did visit the attacker’s website and submit your login credentials you should change your password immediately. Dear: Account… Continue Reading

Mozilla Releases Security Updates for Firefox

Mozilla released an update for Firefox to fixed a serious flaw allowing remote access to local files. Visiting a malicious website could allow an attacker to access files on the victim’s local file system. The vulnerability is being actively exploited on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. The vulnerability has been fixed in Firefox 39.0.3 and Firefox… Continue Reading