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Author Archives: cesari

Active Phishing Campaign Targeting Student Email Accounts

A warning has been issued about a phishing campaign specifically targeting students with fraudulent billing information, which is then used to steal financial aid funds. Always be cautious when clicking links or replying to emails and report suspicious messages to Additional information can be found here Continue Reading

Duo 2FA for VPN

TCNJ has implemented Duo for multifactor authentication(2FA). Duo will be required for all VPN connections at the start of the fall semester, but you can be an early adopter and start using Duo right now! Visit the Duo Multifactor Authentication page to learn more.  Continue Reading

Phish Alert button for Google Chrome

Reporting threats and suspicious messages observed by our community is one of the most useful tools in our cybersecurity arsenal. We have recently deployed a new tool that makes it even easier to report phishing messages. The Phish Alert button is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that will add an new button to… Continue Reading


Another phishing message reported. This one has a pdf attachment. Please delete the email and do not open the attachment.  From: Brady, Marissa <> Subject: UPDATED INFORMATION] FOR ALL TCNJ EMPLOYEE ON CONDUCTS AND COMPLIANCE 2018 FROM THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY Dear The College of New Jersey Employees Relationships are… Continue Reading